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Navigating the world of your wellness options can be overwhelming and unnecessarily confusing. Let's demystify our 4-step process so you know EXACTLY what we do before you even walk through our doors.

Step 1

Schedule your Discovery Day. Your first appointment is a deep dive into your central nervous system and your bone structure. Using our scans, we can find, measure, and quantify how much stress and tension is trapped in your nervous system. Then, we capture a set of X-rays* to see how the structure of your spine correlates with these neurologic scans.

There is plenty of time scheduled to talk directly with the doctor about your symptoms, history, and goals during your Discovery Day. Come ready with all your questions and concerns; our doctors LOVE sharing their knowledge and experience.

*for those who are pregnant or under the age of 5, we forgo the X-ray step of the process.

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Step 2

Schedule your Report of Findings appointment. After the scans, consultation, and x-ray, you meet with one of our friendly Care Advocates to create a Report of Findings appointment. During this appointment, the doctor brings to you all the data collected from your scans and X-rays. You will learn where in your nervous system that subluxation has set up shop and how the structure of your spine impacts the function of your nervous system.

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Step 3

Discuss your Care Plan. After going through your Report of Findings on your second appointment, our doctors will present you with a custom care plan that blends together your scans, x-rays, and specific case history. We figure out the frequency of adjustments and how long of that frequency you need to get to a good place. This Care Plan is specific and custom to you - we don't have a "one-size-fits-all" approach to our care. You are a unique person, your care with us will be unique to you!

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Step 4

Adjustment time! When you come for your second appointment, after the Report of Findings and Care Plan discussion, you will receive your first adjustment. These adjustments are safe, gentle, and effective for releasing tension, resolving subluxation, and stabilizing your spine and nervous system. We primarily use the Gonstead method of adjusting, and the Webster technique for our pregnant mommas. We are in a group of Pediatric Neurologically Focused Chiropractors called PX Docs that are at the forefront of chiropractic care for kiddos. With our extensive experience, you can be ready for top quality care as well as great results.

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